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DDS is a member of the U.S. Digital Service

Transforming technology within the
Department of Defense

An agency team of the U.S. Digital Service, using
design and technology to improve the lives of American citizens.

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By the people. For the people.

The Department of Defense defends and protects our nation's military and civilians across the globe. Our projects range widely, from strengthening our national security, to taking care of our Veterans, or deploying next-generation GPS for billions of people. However, oftentimes our progress is hindered by outdated tools and practices that lag far behind private sector standards.

Our mission is to drive a giant leap forward in the way DoD builds and deploys technology and digital services. We work alongside our public servants and service members, empowering them to incorporate private sector best practices and talent to build a better future now.

Our work

We apply industry experience in shipping products to help deliver in-progress strategic or challenged projects. Explore some of the projects we’ve tackled:

Logo for the Hack the Pentagon bug bounty program

Hack the Pentagon

The Defense Digital Service launched Hack the Pentagon, the first bug bounty program in the history of the federal government. The program won praise from Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, who wrote: “I am confident this innovative initiative will strengthen our digital defenses and ultimately enhance our national security.”
Air Force logo

Next Generation GPS

The next generation of GPS control systems is currently being built to better withstand malicious hacks and become a more accurate navigation technology used by billions of people, both civilian and military. DDS is working on-site alongside the contractor to stabilize and speed up development.
Defense Health Agency logo

Service Treatment Records for Veterans

After uncovering an issue where technical limitations were preventing Veteran's medical records from being properly sent from DoD to VA, a DDS team was able to work on-site with an existing contractor to modernize the pipeline and ensure Veterans receive their benefits timely and correctly.
Defense Travel System logo

Defense Travel System Modernization

Three million DoD employees book billions of dollars of travel each year through the Defense Travel System, but the application is old and has not kept pace with commercial best practices. We're conducting a pilot project to modernize the systems that support military travel and provide a better user experience for uniformed and civilian personnel.
Hack the Army logo

Hack the Army

Working with the Department of The Army, the Defense Digital Service launched Hack the Army, the first Military Department bug bounty to leverage a crowdsourced vulnerability program across operationally relevant systems. As the largest and most networked Military Service, Secretary Fanning said, the Army must "recognize we cannot continue to do business the way that we are" and was keen to try new agile approaches to security. The program is now underway.

Our team

Government is not an abstract institution or a concept. Our government is us. Meet some members of the Defense Digital Service who have signed on for nerd tours of duty:

 (David Recordon / ©) To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. (Douglas Adams)

Tim Van Name

Deputy Director

Previously: White House Information Technology

 (Chris Lynch / ©) This is a precious moment in time.

Chris Lynch

Fearless Leader

Previously: Serial Entrepreneur

 (Hunter Price / ©) To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to change often. (Sir Winston Churchill)

Hunter Price

Director, Air Force Digital Service

Previously: Forsa Consulting

 (Patrick Stoddart / ©) I have no special talents; I am only passionately curious. (Albert Einstein)

Patrick Stoddart

Director, Army Digital Service

Previously: Entrepreneur


Army Digital Service Logo

Army Digital Service

The Department of the Army and DDS jointly launched the Army Digital Service in December 2016 in an initiative to create a branch of DDS technologists aligned specifically with problems of impact within the Army.

The Army Digital Service offers an avenue for those who traditionally wouldn’t join the military to lend their skills by working alongside our Army civilians and uniformed personnel across arenas such as logistics, intelligence, healthcare, communications, and more.

Air Force Digital Service Logo

Air Force Digital Service

The Department of the Air Force and DDS jointly launched the Air Force Digital Service in January 2017 to create a branch of DDS technologists to work on specific problems of impact within the Air Force.

The Air Force Digital Service offers an avenue for those who traditionally wouldn’t join the military to lend their skills by working alongside our Air Force civilians and uniformed personnel across arenas such as the global positioning system (GPS), aircraft software, logistics, communications, and more.

Join us

We want YOU!

We need passionate designers, software engineers, product managers and others, who are committed to making the Department of Defense's critical systems simple, fast and easy to use. You'll be working alongside brilliant civil servants and tech folk from across government and industry.

The Defense Digital Service is an agency team of the U.S. Digital Service headquartered at the White House, so every application goes through the USDS hiring pipeline. When applying, please write that you are interested in joining the Defense Digital Service team in the "Anything Else" section.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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